Catholic Talks
by Chris Padgett

Chris Padgett

  "Chris Padgett is a devoted husband and father, a talented musician, a very zelous convert, a serious book-addict (it takes one to know one!), an all around great guy, and a real treasure to the church"
Scott Hahn

"Young people like good music -- music with feeling and creativity. Chris Padgett is a convert to the Catholic Church and brings with him a great desire and ability to share the faith with young people through his music and inspiring talks. Our parish recently had 500 teens flock to sing and worship with Chris and none of them were disappointed. Teens are at the crossroads and Chris's unique ministry helps them through the maze of modern life as they strive to live out their faith in the real world."
Steve Ray

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video Jesus' Running Mate

video Gospel Reflection: 2 Peter 1

video Gospel Reflection: Matthew 14