Catholic Evidence Guild of Guam | Homilies by Fr. Eric Forbes OFM Cap.

Are you desperate for a homily that’s orthodox and to the point?  Look no further!  Here are some homilies of Fr. Eric Forbes OFM Cap., a Capuchin Franciscan on the island of Guam.  These homilies were delivered to a live congregation of many young families.  Fr. Eric, by the way, serves as a spiritual director for the Catholic Evidence Guild of Guam.  

Advent #32.4 MiB123
Christmas3.5 MiB117
Circumcision and Baptism2.2 MiB108
God's Mercy3.6 MiB121
Grace3.5 MiB116
Having a Zeal for Souls3.8 MiB109
How To Make A Good Confession3.4 MiB124
On Knowing The Reason For Our Lenten Efforts2.1 MiB106
Preparing For Holy Communion3.7 MiB117
Principles of Spiritual Growth3.5 MiB91
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