Catholic Evidence Guild of Guam | Tracts and Presentations

Tracts and Presentations

Accept The Sacrifice14.9 KiB254
Base Tract Template85.0 KiB219
Can I Call You My Dad?13.5 KiB255
JW Tips10.4 KiB256
Mid Day Prayer19.2 KiB282
Morning Prayer28.5 KiB326
Papal Authority13.4 KiB280
Sacred Tradition14.5 KiB260
Six for Six13.6 KiB248
The Prayer of the Righteous12.0 KiB259
Tract No 0001 Why Do I Have To Go To Mass92.5 KiB195
Tract No 0001 Why Do I Have To Go To Mass79.8 KiB223
Tract No 0002 The Bible Alone66.9 KiB276
Tract No 0002 TheBibleAlone97.5 KiB191
Tract No 0003 Sacred Tradition121.0 KiB188
Tract No 0003 Sacred Tradition92.8 KiB241
Tract No 0004 Elishas Bones249.5 KiB196
Tract No 0004 Elishas Bones148.5 KiB267
Tract No 0005 Worshipping Statues84.2 KiB280
Tract No 0005 Worshipping Statues192.5 KiB211
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