Catholic Talks Online and Homilies

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Dr. Robert Morgan, an orthopedic surgeon and Catholic apologist, is orthodox, knowledgeable and witty.   Robert founded the Catholic Evidence Guild of Guam in 2003.  These catholic talks are excerpted from Robert’s daily radio show on KOLG 90.9 FM in Hagatna, Guam, and from a series of lectures given during Lent at Holy Family Catholic Church in St. Louis Park, MN.

Catholic converts and apologists Steve and Janet Ray have visited Guam several times.  Here are some excerpts from their talks given on Guam.

Are you desperate for a homily that’s orthodox and to the point?  Look no further!  Here are some homilies of Fr. Eric Forbes OFM Cap., a Capuchin Franciscan on the island of Guam who currently serves as the superior of his order’s province in Guam.  These homilies were delivered to a live congregation of many young families.  Fr. Eric, by the way, serves as a spiritual director for the Catholic Evidence Guild of Guam.


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